Curriculum vita



  Bruce Krajewski  

Editorial  Work

Section Editor, Philosophy, Open Library of Humanities
Editorial Board Member, Fast Capitalism
Reader for Columbia University Press
Reader for State University of New York Press
Reader for University Press of New England
Reader for Journal of Transnational American Studies (2008-09)
Reader for Mosaic, (1992-present) Editorial Board, Arachnē (1992-94)


Administrative Summary

Responsible at Texas Woman's U for budget of $1.5 million, including administration of student newspaper, The Lasso.

Responsible for strategic planning.

Responsible for conversion of web site to RedDot platform.

Prepared for internal graduate program review (2008).

Assisted with Coordinating Board proposal for Spanish major (2008).

Introduced faculty to group work software (PBwiki and Buzzword)

Co-organized colloquium in rhetoric for graduate students.



  • Member, Executive Committee, Center for Theory, University of Texas at Arlington
  • Member, Joint History and English Committee for Digital Arts & Humanities Initiative (2015-16)
  • Member, Search Committee for Administrative Assistant (2015)
  • Member, University-level Tenure and Promotion Committee (2011-12)
  • Member, Search Committee for Asst./Assoc. Professor of Rhetoric (2011-12)
  • Chair, Undergraduate Studies Committee (2010-12)
  • Member, Peer Review Committee (2010-12)
  • Chair, Peer Review Committee (2009-10)
  • State-level College Readiness Group for English (2009)
  • Provost's Task Force on Plagiarism and Academic Integrity (2007-08)
  • Chair of Campus Student Publication Board (2007-10)
  • Secretary, Council of Chairs (2007-09)
  • College Task Force on Tenure and Promotion Guidelines (2006-07)
  • Professional Education Council (2005-08)
  • Search Committee for Chair of Psychology (2006-07)
  • University-wide Committee on Adjunct Faculty Compensation (2005-06)
  • Faculty Senate Committee on Distance Learning (2005-06)
  • Chair, Search Committee for Head of Communication Arts Department (2003-04)
  • Advisory Council Curriculum Committee (2002-03)
  • The College Board Panel on Web-based Standards for CLEP Test (2002-)
  • University's Groupware Task Force (2002)
  • Deanís Subcommittee on External Review for Tenure and Promotion (2001)
  • Advisory Council for Dean (1999 - 2009)
  • Departmental Curriculum Committee (1991-1999)
  • Research Excellence Award Selection Committee (1997)
  • University-wide committee for Evaluation of Director of Library (1995)
  • Search Committee for Classics Department at Thorneloe University (1995)
  • Interdisciplinary M.A. Council (1994-1999)
  • Departmental Library Committee (1991-1999)
  • Liaison Committee (1991-94)
  • Senate Library Committee (1993-95)
  • Chair, Senate Library Committee (1994-95)
  • Senate Distance Education Committee (1992-94)
  • Search Committee for New Chair (1993)
  • Teaching Excellence Award Committee (1992-93)

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